"Preparation Of Hymanity"

1. Enter the silence
2. From burn to decay
3. Six-chambered shiva
4. The new idols
5. Preparation of humanity
6. We love the machine
7. Celebration of misfortune
8. Riot philosophy
9. The final sequence

Harsh Noise / Power Electronics

total time - 48:24
CD-R, ltd. 100








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Here is a blistering no-holds-barred power electronic noise fuck from what I believe is a project hailing from Russia. One thing that really stands out about this release even before spinning it is the rad packaging which includes a hand painted envelope, a silkscreened canvas patch glued to the front cover and some excellent graphic design. Very classy D.I.Y. packaging here.
The packaging gears me up for the sounds pretty well, because Fear Konstruktor delivers the harsh shit. Very rough and tumble with a rhythmic core somewhere in there, maybe. Pushy distortion, if I might take a guess I would say this guy loves his Metalzone pedal. There is some much needed variation in textures arriving at the third track in entitled “Six-Chambered Shiva”.
With what seems like a general laugh in the face of humanity’s misfortune as the concept here you can’t really go wrong. After the first few blasts of harsh unrelenting noise the textures are explored and inverted/perverted. They finally reach their peak when they collide once again with the harsher side of the project in “We Love the Machine” which features some hollow vocal attacks, or is that a mangled synth? Fear Konstruktor manages to blur the lines between organic and inorganic, man vs. machine.
The production here leans a little towards the mid-range which actually acts as a unifying factor towards the album more than a negative aspect. Plus a heavy mid-range isn’t something you get too often in noise releases so it’s kind of interesting. That said I’d still prefer if the sound was spread out a little bit more.
All in all a solid release. I believe it was the debut full-length for the artist as well and I would say it’s a great starting point. Sounds like Fear Konstruktor has a lot of growing to do, but it also seems like there’s a good bit of potential. Nice work.

Existence Establishment

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