1. MOLESTER - Eye For An Eye
2. MUTANT APE - Daggled by A Tyke
3. BARRIKAD - In The Eyes of Kollontai
5. FECALOVE - OnThe Toilet Floor (long version)
6. FEAR KONSTRUKTOR - Gunboat Diplomacy
7. CLIMAX DENIAL - Don`t Cry Wolf
8. MOURMANSK 150 - La Verite / La Confusion
9. COMFORTER - 100 Keys to Prosperity
10. SPLINTER vs STALIN - Maximum Carnage `93

Power Electronics
/ Harsh Noise

total time - 51:25
CD, ltd. 300
price - 8 $






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Hereís a solid compilation from Sickcore records, an up-and-coming label from our great mother Russia! Presenting a hefty lineup of favorites from the harsh noise and power electronics crowds Hate Tasting is a journey through sickened atmospheres, harsh intense waves of sound, cut-up brutality and warbling synths.
Immediately kicking things off in a very high style is Molesterís Eye For An Eye with some great treatment on the vocals along with some decent distorted noise. High points include Fecaloveís On the Toilet Floor for ultimate Atrax Morgue-like sickness, the moving low-tones and perfectly manipulated vocals do little to prepare me for the pummeling but very pleasing blast of harsh textured feedback noise. Climax Denialís Donít Cry Wolf (Until Iíve Done Something Really Good) features some impressive synth work and low-end rhythmic explosions to form a layered barrage of depraved sound. Surprising me with a well composed track was Mourmansk 150 with la verite/la confusion more great synth atmospheres but with moments that work quite well do to tactful layering and editing.
The only tracks I found myself not that into were Mutant Apeís Daggled By A Tyke which is a boring fade in Ė fade out affair that doesnít hold much bite for itís bark, and Splinter vs. Stalinís rather dry wall of noise Maximum Carnage í95. Awards to be handed out here would be:

Loudest: Werewolf Jerusalemís Evil Face
Best synth work: Climax Denialís Donít Cry Wolf (Until Iíve Done Something Really Good)
Most surprising: Comforterís 100 Keys to Prosperity
Longest: Mutant Apeís Daggled By A Tyke
Best overall: Fecaloveís On the Toilet Floor

Overall a compilation with a few ups and downs but not a bad one by any account. There are some great tracks on here you donít want to miss out on. Solid aesthetic outlook and worth mentioning is the awesome D.I.Y. packaging job here with different types of paper and artwork folded tactfully and artfully to form a professional style hand-made product.

Existence Establishment

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Hate Tasting is a new noise/power electronics compilation from Russiaís Sickcore records, gathering together ten prolific artists from the harsh noise underground.
Kicking off the proceedings is Japanís Molester; spoken word samples heavily treated with FX give way to static noise which builds in intensity only giving way briefly when the vocals become more prominent. The opener ends quite abruptly making way for UK based noise artist Mutant Ape to come in. This particular noise artist has released on a huge array of labels with numerous cdr, cassette and vinyl releases under his belt, this effort starts with swathes of dark ambient, combined with gradually swelling drones and static noise rising up from the dark, building layer upon layer until it reaches a full on drone/noise attack. Barrikad is next up, having released sporadically over the years since 2001; this Swedish artist definitely has a feel akin to fellow countryman Henrik Nordvargr Bjorkk, in particular his Folkstorm project, with sampled public announcements layered upon with huge analogue sheets of harsh noise.
Werewolf Jerusalem comes straight in with a short HNW piece, the man behind this project is none other than Richard Ramirez who has put out a plethora of releases both under his main moniker and the nasty alter ego on display here. A static wall of noise, crackling and hissing without much change apart from slight layering of sounds on an otherwise relentless track. Fecalove steps up next with quite a detailed piece of power electronics, evolving from filtered humming and heavy bass frequencies, breaking in with interludes of harsh vocal attacks as the track progresses. Itís worthy of noting that Fecalove is also the man behind the Italian branch of the UK established noise/lo-fi label, Turgid Animal. Creeping in menacingly is Russiaís Fear Konstruktor, a gradual release of spite and vitriol, with swirling vocals that sound like they are ebbing from some police scanner in the depths of hell itself, finally disappearing entirely behind the building wall of noise before collapsing in on itself and giving way to low ebbing bass rumbles.
Climax Denial is one of the most surprising offerings on this compilation, having not heard the name before, some quick research unearthed a good number of releases mainly on cassette and CDR over the years since 2005. Bursts of analogue synth mingle with low bass hums to give the listener a deeply unsettling feeling, building the tension nicely interspersed with frenzied vocal screams, great stuff! Mourmansk 150ís offering comes in the form of a steady stream of dirge like synth drones with a harsh metallic edge, with Mourmanskís crazed vocals only adding to the aural barrage, another respected artist within the power electronics scene, having shared releases with seminal artists such as Kenji Siratori and HIV+. Comforter brings in an altogether different prospect, with bass kick blips, industrial screeches and mangled noise culminating in an almost rhythmic noise fashion, although being the shortest track on the compilation, it is also the most varied in style. Italian noise group Splinter vs. Stalin manage to conjure up a real hellish din, with underlying sub bass tones that are likely to make the teeth in your skull shake rattle and roll, finishing off this compilation in style.
This release, although probably not that friendly to the casual listener, bodes well for lovers of all things harsh and extreme; the process of putting together the tracks has clearly been well thought out and as a result brings a very nice flow to the whole proceedings.

4 / 5

Musique Machine

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