"Eyeliner Into Nylon Back Seam"


1. Eyeliner Into Nylon Back Seam

Harsh Noise Wall

total time - 40:08
CD (digipack), ltd. 250 copy







“Eyeliner Into Nylon Back Seam” finds this Canadian harsh noise/HNW legend offering up a single shot of dense & pummelling walled noise, which is seemingly themed around women’s tights/ stockings & British fashion model/ actress Emma Watson who appears on the releases front cover.
The release comes in the form of a CD which is ltd to 250 copies. The CD comes in a full color & black ‘n’ white digipak which features multiple pictures of females legs in tights/stockings, Emma Watson sporting a rather short haircut, and a black ‘n’ white portrait picture of 50's or 60’s female film star.
The cd features a single just over forty minute slice of fairly fixed & old school sounding walled noise. The ‘wall’ is a dense & pummeling mixture of worming ‘n’ churning jittering & juddering static that falls in the lower to mid rangers. Weaved through the ‘wall’ ever so often is muffled & indiscernible voice like chatter- it sounds like it could be almost fashion or sports commentator like batter, but you can’t really discern what’s been said, so instead it’s just really another layer of texture. Aside from the mention lines of morphed chatter the ‘wall’ stays fairly fixed through-out it’s full runtime, offering up a dense & impenetrable wall of sound.
I can’t say this release impressed me as much as The Rita’s last larger pressing CD release “The Rack” from 2011, as I felt the ‘wall’ here just did seem to grab me in the same way. Through it is still brutally submerging & if you enjoy The Rita in dense ‘n’ unflinching walled noise form “Eyeliner Into Nylon Back Seam” is worth checking out.

Roger Batty / Musique Machine web-zine