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ACERBITAS / LIGHT COLLAPSE - Massively Convince (CD-R)
[ Torga Amun] ltd. - 32 copy / 4 $
ALEXEI BORISOV and HEC - Live in Paris (CD-R)
[ Sickcore ] ltd. - 200 copy / 5 $
Experimental noise
AMBIANSU – Tagebuch (CD)
[ New Approach Records ] ltd. - 500 copy / 5$
First work for Ambiansu, a Portuguese duo performing ambient music with some Folk touches. This CD is limited to 500 copies and is presented on a Card Wallet.
ANEMONE TUBE – Death Over China (CD)
[ Topheth Prophet ]
ltd. - 731 copy / 10 $
"Death over China" is a retaliation of nature against humankind. In the same moment it is a dedication to our untamed curiosity for the essence of death and our (inherent in our collective action) secret death wish. In China`s uncompromising economical and social development we see demonstrated, how we - even with the immolation of our health, environment and tradition - are the servants to material progress. Though we are aware of the approaching ecological disaster, we hazard the consequences. Sustainability is sacrificed on the altar of egoist quest for happiness. We consume, we destroy, we thrive, we conjure: "Deathly kingdom of desire, you sustain the life in me, Black death rise!"
Using field recordings, collected in Nanjing and Shanghai in 2007, ANEMONE TUBE creates an unsettling yet intriguing, apocalyptic soundtrack with a sinister atmosphere and a depressive undertone - a unique blend of dark ambient, post industrial and power electronics in the tradition of European industrial music."Death over China" is the second part of "The Suicide Series", for which field recordings provide a conceptional basis. In a poetic way ANEMONE TUBE combines analytical realism of the phenomenal world with buddhist psychology and nihilist rhetoric influenced by the works of Michael Haneke, Hayao Miyazaki, H.P. Lovecraft and Yukio Mishima.All music recorded between July 2007 and December 2009. Mastered by JAMES PLOTKIN 2010. Definitely ANEMONE TUBE`s best and most mature album yet. Limited edition of 731 hand-numbered copies, packaged in a luxurious 5 panel folder with metallic/black print, 19 x 14 cm, packaged in transparent bag.
ASTRO - Fracture Composition (CD)
[ Rape Art Production ] ltd. - 295 copy / 10 $
The 2nd album from the japanese noise artist ASTRO aka Hiroshi Hasegawa member of legendary CCCC in our label is called Fracture Composition. In this new apperance ASTRO offers to us three cold tracks within the most raw japanese noise, it sounds sometimes a variety of dense atmospheres mixtured with deep textures. Recorded for your ears bleed. Source material got from ASTRO live performances and decomposed by the master Hiroshi Hasegawa at Shirakaba Studio. Cover design by Lasse Marhaug.
AUTOGEN - Mutagen (CD)
[ 4iB Records ] ltd. 500 copy / 10 $
Mutagen is the debut album by AUTOGEN, an experimental solo outfit from Latvia founded in 2008 by frontman Kaspars Kalnins, otherwise known as Kaps. Highly recognized by people in the underground music circuit, Kaps is a prominent and revered player in the Latvian industrial scene both as an event organizer and musician. He is also an influential member of Rosewater, another established industrial electro band formed in 1998. Ever since 2008, AUTOGEN has been active in live stage performance and has played at numerous industrial and fetish clubs in Latvia, Finland, Belarus, Hungary, Denmark, Lithuania, Estonia and also Bangkok in March 2012. AUTOGEN’s shows often display gruesome theatrics of blood, gore and fetishism accompanied by their signature trance-inducing electronic soundscape compositions that exude an enthralling ritualistic atmosphere juxtaposing invocative sight and sound.
Mutagen has finally been realized over this length of time since AUTOGEN’s inception 4 years ago. This inaugural official release comprises intelligently orchestrated ambient euphonies and pulsating rhythms of the Cold Elektro genre, all written during the period of 2008-2012. Containing 12 tracks in total, they are composed and arranged by Kaps, with the exception of two that are done in collaboration with Zemens and Vinings, also relevant individuals in the underground Latvian industrial music scene.
Mutagen promises an aural journey of post-industrial influences with modern sonic elements, all beautifully written and creatively arranged through complex electronic manipulation. It is a mind trip almost dreamlike and surreal, echoing a soundtrack-like atmosphere that overwhelms at many junctures throughout the album. Mutagen’s soundscape of electronic textural layers and minimal sampled digitized voices will provide the listener with a mesmerizing experience of a post-apocalyptic world. The tensions of despair and hope tug at the emotions of the innermost psyche, only to emerge the discovery of eventual order within the realm of chaos.
AZBEST - Nightmare (CD-R)
[ Listen To Something Different ] ltd. - 30 copy / 4 $
BLACK LEATHER JESUS - The Defining Love (CD)
[ Shamanic Trance ] ltd. - 300 copy / 10 $
All new material of harsh/junk noise from the line-up of Richard Ramirez, Sean Matzus, Kevin Novak (T.E.F.), Scott Houston (Respirator), Robert Newsome, Vance Osborne and Thomas Mortigan. Also features a collaboration with Ascites. CD is housed in a black paper wallet which is packaged in a pro-printed 7”x7” folded cover
BLATELLA GERM - Low Cost Terrorism (CD-R)
[ Symbolic Prod. ] ltd. - 100 copy / 5 $
2 long Tracks of this Harsh Noise Belgian Terrorist Band !!! Brutal Explosion of Noise. No compromise. This CDR is limited to 100 copies and come with a Button.
Artwork on special gold Paper.
BLATELLA GERM / GHOUL DETAIL - Harsh Music For Hot Nurses vol.4 (CD-R)
[ Symbolic Prod. ] ltd. 77 copy / 5 $

Harsh Noise / Ambient Noise
BODY CARGO & POGROM - Resistance (CD)
[ Cipher Production / Terror ] ltd. 300 copy / 10 $
Here is a split with 2 collaborative tracks between these 2 power electronics artists. The theme is resistance, gorilla armies, political rebels. There’s something about when power electronics artists explore political subjects that I really enjoy. Body Cargo is up first offering several layered tracks of harsh sounds. The tracks are quite detailed and present a traditional power electronics sound not really bringing anything new to the table but that is fine. Black Smoke Obelisks is worth commenting on because of its more ritualistic chanting qualities which you don’t see in pe too often. I also really enjoy some of the textures and heavy passages in Gutpath. Pogrom is a bit more noisy but also falls into a traditional pe style. It’s pretty generic stuff but well executed so fans of the genre will not be disappointed. Some of the vocal delivery is done quite well and seems to be Pogrom’s strong point. One major issue with the whole disc – yet moreso Body Cargo’s tracks – is that the quality is quite poor. Both project and employ an extremely muddy sound which dulls the edges more than is preferred. Resistance will appeal traditional power electronics fans who like a lo-fi delivery of traditional sounds. It’s a solid offering and both acts show potential but also have room for improvement. (Existence Establishment)
[ Valgriind ] ltd. 500 copy / 8 $
Martial \ Neofolk. "On the second album "Ewigkeit" Russian project Bolverkstorm presents the continuation of the sonic pictures of "9 Steps To Death" depicting the sensory perception of a white warrior's death, soldier or officer, in significant military conflicts of the historical realities. The breath of project - is pagan death in a battlefield, a clear derogation of the christian image of death of "those persecuted to death". May it be a mass massacre of people masses brought to war by the rulers, or a death of a volunteer warrior from a piece of metal, love and contempt for life at the same time - "der letzte sieger ist der tod". The eternal spirit of war burns the wicks of people fates, the fight for higher ideals borders with death - but the fates of those contempting death spark brighter. From the deep roots of antiquity to the young branches of modern weltanschauung - this spirit is constantly whispering to us over the clank of swords, rumble of cannons and rustling bullets..."
BRANDKOMMANDO - Three Strikes And You Are Out (CD)
[ Sickcore ] ltd. - 300 copy / 8 $
Power electronics
BREAKING THE WILL - Choosing Death (CD)
[ Narcolepsia / Terror ] ltd. - 300 copy / 10$
First full length album in discography of this harsh noise artist from USA. The sounds that were recorded to tapes, released during 5 years of activity, were not only visible and audible in excessive sea of information and sounds, but always attracted attention with truly high quality and well done cut-up harsh noise. This conceptual release was in plans for several years already and is finally out. Almost 40 minutes of preparation, execution, playing, destroying and annihilation is documented in this digipak CD, released in 300 copies. Choosing Death mood varies from darker droney parts and field recordings to openly aggressive and fast cut-up harsh noise. Without a doubt the strongest work of Breaking the Will to date.
CLIMAX DENIAL - All Of My Loves Are Like Dreams (CD)
[ Assembly Of Hatred ] ltd. 300 copy / 10 $
After numerous CDr and cassette releases, Hong Kong label Assembly of Hatred brings us the first proper CD release from Climax Denial, and what a bruiser it is. A dark and intense power electronics/death industrial hybrid, full of thick, squalling drones, uneasy textures, and throbbing frequency pulsations, occupying a sonic terrain somewhere between BDN, early Navicon, and Atrax Morgue. Delivered with precision and force. Recommended!
[ Noise Park Activities ] ltd. - 50 copy/ 3 $
Ambient doom / Industrial
[ SSSM ] ltd. - 500 copy / 10 $
Experimental industrial,soundworks

CORVUZ - Invisible Landscapes (CD)
[ Zhelezobeton ] ltd. - 500 copy / 10 $
The debut album of a musician from the city of Oryol, Russia, released with the support of ZHELEZOBETON label. "Invisible Landscapes" is dark ambient recorded with a typical Russian approach combining homage to native traditions, deeply melancholic contemplation and powerful thirst for the beyond. Dark red embers, twilight, wind sways over tree crowns, lost eyesight of the consciousness wandering in forest labyrinths and gradually dissolving in the infinite circle of life and death... Rich sound of Soviet analogue synthesizers, a bit of field recordings, voice samples and digital processing - this is the pallette used for creating this image. It feels that the music of Curvuz is inspired by the project Staruha Mha, a cover-version of its track rounds up the album. The album was mastered by Sergey Uak-Kib (Kshatriy), artwork performed by Sergey Ilchuk (Siyanie, ex-Vetvei & Vresnit Art). Digipak.
GRUNT - Someone Is Watching (CD)
[ Force Majeure ] ltd. 500 copy / 12 $
This is a reissue of the same-titled tape originally released in January 1998 in an edition of 128 numbered copies. All material was recorded in April and July 1997 and re-mastered to CD by Hermetique in February 2005. "Someone is watching" includes eight tracks of Power-electronics / Harsh Noise by the headliner of the Finnish industrial scene. Using analogue synths, feedback, effects, metal and heavy processed vocals, GRUNT created well-structured pieces of destructive noise around the subject-mater of the video-surveillance. You thought it is just paranoia... Housed in a black vinyl CD case with cover and insert, limited to 500 copies.
CUSTODIAN - Toil And Waste (CD)
[ Syzmic Records ] ltd. 250 copy / 8 $
9 tracks, 29 minutes of harsh electronic noise and industrial undertow. Bleak, inhospitable works that flow and mutate between screeching japanese influenced noise, HNW density, and churning industrial loops.
CYCLOTIMIA - Sci-Fi Music (CD)
[ Zhelezobeton ] ltd. - 500 copy / 8 $
As the title suggests, the new work by Russian masters of electronic soundscapes represents a score to an imaginary sci-fi movie. The musicians call themselves admirers of old-school Sci-Fi / Cyberpunk genres, and for a long time they have felt a desire to make some music inspired by soundtracks of sci-fi blockbusters from 70-80-s... Spaceship battles, alien colonies, teleportation and mysterious droid ceremonies are only part of the images created by this music. The album contains both dynamic rhythmic "hits" and disturbing space ambient as well as avant-garde neoclassic pieces.
[ Sickcore ] ltd. - 300 copy / 8$
Power electronics / death industrial.
DEAD BODY COLLECTION - Laryngeal Carcinoma (2xCD-R)
[ Nagrania Brutalnie Domowy ] ltd. - 44 copy / 7 $
DOR - Life In Russhausen (CD-R)
[ UFA Muzak ] ltd. - 120 copy / 5 $
Power Electronics. Boundless distance of dark areas, corridors, side streets, bottomless niches. Catacombs of endless labyrinth, suppressing with monumentality of its cruelty. Everyone who is here feels horrifying despair, because this territory is not somewhere outside, it is inside of people. Those who are entrapped, beaten and humiliated. Who lives in a country where treachery and violence has become the basis, where all human rights are defied, and there's only one freedom left: survival and slave submission. The project of harsh analogue anti-music in Power Electronics style, presents its requiem suite of the basics of people's structure resulted in a formula: "Hate your neighbour as yourself". Eight tracks of manic depressive convilsions. Sick therapy session either going to cure you, or plunge deeper in the abyss of the vicious circle. To all born in the period of new distemper. Russia is an ordeal... 8 tracks, 45 minutes, 8-page cardboard booklet. [press-release]
EONIC - Secret Land (CD)
[ Zhelezobeton ] ltd. - 333 copy / 10 $
Secret land lost in an unknown dimension... Like ancient ruins this place hides the traces of stories, which are told in this new album by the St. Petersburg project Eonic. This is their 6th release (and 2nd "professional" CD) and it easily combines different stylistic approaches, making its own way to the listener's heart. Ethno-gothic in vein of Dead Can Dance and Arcana is layered over tout electronic rhythms a la Delerium and Enigma and spiced by pleasant psychedelic arrangements. Musicians don't hesitate to step on the territory of pop-ambient and even new-age, and it just adds more lightness and airness to their energetic music. A firm and masterful work.
ERDLICHT - Erstes Licht / Die Wilde Jagd ("3 CD-R)
[ Licht Und Stahl ] ltd. 50 copy / 5 $
Two long pieces in the style of the debut album"Morgenrothe / Abendroth". Ritual, organic drone music between earthy and hovering on the basis of nature sounds and various acoustic instruments. "Erstes Licht" was created as a meditation on the reappearance of the new morning light /spring, "Die Wilde Jagd" catches the mystical mood of a winter night. The mini-CDr appears in a white digipak with numerous details.
FEAR  KONSTRUKTOR  - The Way Of Agony ("3 CD-R)
[ L.White Records ] ltd. - 200 copy / 5$
Fear Konstruktor is a Russian power electronics and experimental project, founded in 2007. Provides dark power electronics sounds, mostly using analog devices to record and perform. On the L.White Records mini album there are 4 tracks of vocal power electronics in the way of typical European PE units sound. Dark textures combines with heavy noise walls and pulsating sounds. Fine to see that Russians comes across to real power electronics!
FEAR KONSTRUKTOR / BARRIKAD - The Path to the Black Lodge (CD)
[ Peripheral Records ] ltd. - 150 copy / 8$
Peripheral Records is proud to announce it's seventh release - Fear Konstruktor / Barrikad 'The Path to the Black Lodge', influenced by the Black and White Lodge from Twin Peaks. 'The Black Lodge is a fictional setting featured in the television series Twin Peaks. It is an extradimensional place which seems to include, primarily, the "Red Room" first seen by Agent Cooper in a dream early in the series. As events in the series unfold, it becomes apparent that the characters from the Red Room, the room itself and the Black Lodge, along with the White Lodge, are connected.' Four tracks of dark-ambient drone's and blasts of Soviet era analogue synth experimentations. At once a mysterious journey into the Lodge itself and a hallucinatory auditory trip into the darkside of the psyche! Highly recommended.
FECALOVE - Great Northern War (CD)
[ Narcolepsia / Untergeschoss ] 10$
The new album from the prolific Italian-Norwegian artist. "Great Northern War" takes his work to new level of focused noise composition, power electronics dementia and industrial clatter. A varied whole of perfectly paced harsh noise violence, electronic disturbance, depraved vocal gargle and tape manipulations in the best industrial tradition. Recorded in Hellvik, Norway. Comes with some disturbing artwork!
[ Cold Spring ] ltd. - 1500 copy / 12 $
Discovered in the Cold Spring archives, an album shelved for over two years (recorded 2000). Pulled out, dusted down and remixed by Lord Nordvargr himself! This is the final full body of work by the legendary harsh Industrial Noise project. Prepare yourself for an intense trip through these 11 brutal and punishing tracks! 1st edition limited to 1500 copies. 2nd, unlimited edition with modified artwork for 2009.
FOLKSTORM - Victory Or Death (CD)
[ Cold Spring ] ltd. - 1000 copy / 12 $
The mammoth sound of Folkstorm in captured here, on what has been called the project’s finest album to date! Samples of war, speeches, harsh noise, heavy gritty vocals. distorted rhythms and extremely intense sonics fuse into this mammoth blast of war themed assaults. Executed with brutal thoroughness by Nordvargr, of MZ.412, Toroidh etc. First edition limited to 1000 copies. Brilliantly re-mastered unlimited 2nd edition, with modified artwork for 2009.
GACKY - Mektig (CD-R)
[ Organic Pipeline ] ltd. - 50 copy / 3 $
[ self ] 2 $
Industrial Noise Electronic
[ Sickcore ] ltd. - 250 copy / 8$
Harsh noise
GUILTY C. - Bottom Down (CD)
[ Gravity Swarm ] 10 $
Japanese noise inspired by: "Crowded towns and city networks... tinnitus in a ghost town... forgotten memories, vomiting and sinking into a stagnant river bed.. guitar feedback in the chilly rain... a putrid mess in the corner of a dirty town. Outbursts of chirping crickets in the night fog, harsh noise and drone... hellish rumbles from the earth and endless darkness.... black solitude harsh drone works".
GUILTY C. / .NYCTALOPS. - Audible Plague Menace (CD)
[ Sickcore ] ltd. - 300 copy / 8$
Harsh noise
[ The New Nihilism ] ltd. - 250 copy / 8 $
HBK is an ephemeric project held among musicians behind Genetic Transmission, Moan and Nojsens. Three minds, three individualities, tree artists sharing one inspired vision. These are people we know for years so it became somehow natural to invite their bastard child to our NN therapy group finally, starting the "Harsh Kontakt" series of relases from now on. The sound sculpture presented hereby has been captured at Bez Kontroli Fest 2007 as probably HBK's best gig to date. Expect the unexpected, as they have gone the whole hog, without no mercy to the audience or themselves. OK, it's all there: refreshing traditional industrial, warming harsh noise, stoned bruitist plunderphonics, and last but not least—good taste and the fucking clue, VSOP. It actually takes about 1/4 of the way through this to discover it's not the full blown noise attack the first 10 minutes suggest, as this settles into a nice, post- industrial, hazy, metallic drone thing for awhile, before scuttering off again into noisier realms, populated by scraping junk sounds, cut-ups, hissing noise and broken frequencies. I detect elements of Contagious Orgasm, Zoviet France, H. Caspar and standard Japanese noise fare all collapsing into one other over it's 40 minute time frame. —as presented on Malignant. The packaging consist of a huge, A2-sized heavy stock poster folded to form A5 sleeve housed in a solid plastic wrapper. Limited to 250 hand numbered copies.
HAVOC1986 - Lair of Macabre / Anti-life Wind (CD-R)
[ Valgriind ] 5 $
Power Electronics
HEINZ HOPF - Gothenburg (CD)
[ Triangle / Cerosine / Outcry rec. ] - 9 $
After having delighted in a few excellent tapes and a LP it is time to enjoy this first CD of the duet from Gothenburg, Sweden. Dan Johansson and Matthias Andresson are some of the best at what they do. The noise is solid, dense like lead, free of intricate experiments and gloomy pathos. It is made of simplicity and power. Pure pleasure.
HELDENTOD - The Ghost Machine (CD)
[ Cold Spring ] 12 $
Heldentod began in 2005 as an outlet for research into the little-known corners of 20th-Century history. While previous recordings whiplashed between the traditional and the experimental, Heldentod’s latest album leaves behind its neofolk and martial-industrial roots to focus solely on electronics, but maintains the fundamental sense of composition found in earlier incarnations. Although now primarily influenced by death industrial and power electronics, Heldentod looks to create the most suitable expression of its key themes, including ghosts, ancestor worship, human sacrifice, neolithic fertility rights, Iron Age religion, medi?val literature, unseen dimensions, inhuman intelligences, and all manner of Forteana.
[ 4iB Records ] ltd. 250 copy / 10 $
This split release features two long time experimental noise artists: Hiroshi Hasegawa and Positive Adjustments (Krister Bergman), both whom hail from different regions of the world: Japan and Sweden and being specially curated for this album. Cryptic Void displays the unique qualities of each artist’s personal creative expressions in the field of sound manipulation. Independently, they both deliver their own trademark styles of audio mayhem that have been personally developed and reinvented over the years through active participation in the experimental noise scene.
[ Sickcore ] ltd. - 100 copy / 6$
Harsh Noise Wall
HUMAN LARVAE - Home Is Where The Hurt Is (CD)
[ Existence Establishment ] ltd. - 500 copy / 12 $
Introducing the debut full-length of this new Dresden based heavy industrial/power electronics unit following his 3 inch CDR on Silken Tofu. Taking cues from styles as diverse as the cinematic Navicon Torture Technologies and grungy lo-fi …Today I’m Dead, Human Larvae delivers an emotional torrent of self-destructive force with “Home is Where the Hurt Is”. Spanning a running time of over an hour, styles range from rhythmic orchestral industrial to bleak passages of black noise with a good dosage of throbbing feedback and scathing vocals. There is some sick twisted narrative to be found here but the search for these mysterious happenings will bring you to places you may never return from. Black and metallic red ink printed on recycled heavy stock. Beautifully rendered design by Monica Greenwald.
IEROPHANIA & FANUM – Escort Of Endless Summer (CD)
[ Radiodrone records ] ltd. - 250 copy / 8 $
The new chapter in the chronicle of the end of times. Ierophania (UFA Muzak, SkullLine) from Rostov-on-Don and Moscow based act Fanum (Valgriind, Radiodrone Rec.) gathered in order to convey their disturbing mystical revelation to us. Stepping “through the open reality” with them, you risk to gain the experience that is incompatible with your past life, to be in the midst of a tense battle between Madness and Faith. Here, on the border of physics and metaphysics, “the temple on the blood of Human” is dominates, from which we can hear snatches of spiritual songs, blending with the roar of infinity. The fragments that was ñollected on the battlefields adds up to an apocalyptic picture. But the “Soldiers of prophecy” is coming closer, and the “heart inherit the eternity.”
INCAPACITANTS - Mon, Ma? Mon!!! (CD)
[ Triangle/Cerosine/Outcry ] ltd. - 500 copy / 10 $
Continuing celebration of their recent 30-year anniversary iconic Japanese band INCAPACITANTS presents a new gift for their devotees. The newest CD contains 60 minutes of exhausting psychedelic kind of noise. Inedible mush made of whistling feedback and drilling high frequencies. Cumbersome, nasty debris of harsh noise. Digisleeve CD.
INDRA & TCHERNOBLYAD - Collaboration ("3 CD-R)
[ Operator Produkzion ] ltd. - 35 copy / 3 $
Drone Noise Ambient.
[ InterioRepertor ] ltd. - 150 copy / 4 $
Space Experimental Ambient Noise
IRON FIST OF THE SUN - Behavioural Decline (CD)
[ Cold Sping ] 10 $
Personal obsessions skewed by drug use, codes of behaviour observed by a misanthropic mind. Bitter and cold. Nihilistic and scornful. Elitist and Pure. Behavioural Decline documents the rise of treachery and the fall of honour. Power electronics that sonically takes inspiration from electro-acoustics and ideology akin to black metal / black noise. 'Concert For Evening Battle' was recorded live at Radio Black Forest's festival of electro-acoustic music 22/8/2009, Birmingham, England. A deeply personal Recording.
K2 - Tamayura (CD)
[ Gravity Swarm ] 10 $
The Japanoise unit continue their work from the 80s. K2, started the activity through the "Mail Art", or to record in a space in which an iron plate was hung from the ceiling. They have continued to work and play mixing junk metal, with cassettes and compact effect units, using a variety of techniques, such as cut-up. This HI-FI harsh noise record was made by making full use of such electronics over broken, industrial roars, soaked in sludge, alongside synthesizer, gaming machines and so on. A work of harsh, fierce, Japanese noise. A ferocious four track over 60 minutes. Comes with recycled paper artwork.
K2 - Junk-A-Tohgenkyo (CD)
[ Cipher Production ] ltd. 250 copy / 10$

Cult harsh noise master!
K2 / GX - Convulsing Vestibular (CD)
[ 4iB Records ] ltd. 250 copy / 10 $
30 years is a long time for 2 people from different corners of the world to come full circle and meet again. Old time buddies K2 (Kimihide Kusafuka) and GX Jupitter-Larsen (The Haters/Survival Research Laboratories) are both presented together on this split CD release after their paths first crossed in the 1980?s when they were actively involved in the underground populist artistic movement of mail art and homemade audio tape trading. In 1999, they met once again in Kyoto, Japan where they performed together on stage dressed up in Lucha Libre wrestling masks. This show also saw GX rigged-up in a championship wrestling belt that had been specially reconstructed to generate pure harsh noise through a built in microphone and distortion pedal. In many ways, this release presents a significant homecoming of sorts, where 2 old friends cross paths once more to showcase their unique styles of sonic mayhem together.
KADAVER - Automatic Autopsy (CD)
Tophet Prophet ] ltd. - 500 copy /10 $
This CD, released by Topheth Propheth, is the newest product of Michael Zolotov. It is quite peculiar and strange album. Kadaver once more reveals his ability to mix several styles into one album, but the most important thing is that he is doing it quite well. Dark and rather depressive pieces laying down in multilayered buildings of sounds. Feedbacks, loops of samples, field recordings etc. Everything blends into one frightening structure. The length of the album – almost 50 minutes and to those who search for dark and scary wanders and realize what to expect and what not to from Kadaver, this release should be perfect.
KADAVER / THE VAULT - The Noir Seasons (CD-R)
[ Mask Of the Slave ] ltd. - 300 copy / 5 $
Dark Ambient, Old School Industrial, Noise and Power Electronic from the well-known Kadaver and the very promising Canadian projekt The Vault. The Noir series was a sub-division of Void recordz dedicated to Death Industrial, Death Ambient harsch Noise and Power Electronics. Each release was limited to 25-70 hand-numbered copies. There were only 3 Noir series releases. Here presented are Noir 01 and Noir 02. This is a second, remastered edition of the original recordings.
[ Phage Tapes ] ltd. - 500 copy / 10 $
The follow up of the live recording on Noise Ninja out of Japan released in 2009. This material is a joining of Endo and Kubota in their usaul fashion. lots of starts and stops, blasts of sound and silence. Edition of 500 in jewel cases with japenoise sytle art by Y. Hirano using photos by K. Churko.
KORPERSCHWACHE - The Joy Of Seppuku (CD-R)
[ Dead Sea Liner ] 4 $
Drone / Harsh Ambient
KOUFAR - The Purity Of The Cedars (CD)
[ Topheth Prophet] 10 $
Wow. I think my ears just broke. You see, having spun this disc repeatedly my head feels like it's been caught in the middle of a militant crossfire. Violent. Punishing. Brutal. The Purity Of The Cedars is an album by Maronite power-electronics combatant Koufar and fuck me if my head is not ringing! Chock full of hateful blasting electronics, The Purity Of The Cedars is a caustic journey into the vengeful mind of Waddiah Rabbiah Chami, spitting venom against the current Lebanese state. The sense of anger in these 7 tracks is enough to make you want to pick up a rifle and shoot your neighbour. Carefully selected samples set the scene further exacerbating just how much this means to Koufar. Blistering slabs of jolting noise and feedback fire off around you. At no point can you question the authenticity on display here, which in a strange way makes it even more of a joy to hear. Whether you even understand the politics is probably irrelevant and by the sounds of it I'm sure most people would rather not know. This is immense. Like a power-electronics car-bomb. [Racket]
LEBENSESSENZ - Die Rauber\Introspective Fragments, part 2 (CD)
[ Valgriind ] ltd. 500 copy / 8 $
LES MORT SKIN - Front Capacity (CD-R)
[ UFA Muzak ] ltd. - 151 copy / 6 $
Martial/Death Industrial. LES MORT SKIN it is the side-project of Bulgarian power electroncs project CAVUM ORIS. Not departing too far in the party from the awful music he was set on martial-thematic conceptions. With specifically brutal sight and understanding he represents "Oskorei" on fields of modernity, as rumble where all burns down. On all the extent of an album under furious accompaniment of a metal roar, junk, crash stands a most dense atmosphere of ruthless collision of interests, where the fact of correctness is decided only by utter annihilation of one of the parties. It is which industrial symphony all is filled ÕÕ century, great opera from sufferings, death, explosions, torturings. Fire poured blood, burning flesh, pain, gas and suffocation. Breaking, burning, blowing up metal, tons strewed with the sky, flying in heads, breaking a bones, destroying blood, metal how the reason? Paradox. Industrial.
[ Steelkraft Manufactory ] ltd. - 100 copy / 5 $
Ants. Moths. Butterflies. Cockroaches. Centipedes.... And many others are featured on this L'Idiot Du Village record, for a 73 minutes opera of groovy insects doing their sometimes harsh, sometimes ambient, noise stuff, conduced and directed by L'Idiot Du Village. L'Idiot du Village has been releasing solo albums since 1999 on labels 'Black Sun Rising', 'Broken Brains' and 'L'Eglise de la Petite Folie', and is currently a member of math-core band 'Rotule'.
MAAAA - Decay and Demoralization (CD)
[ Mind Flare Media ]
ltd. - 300 copy / 10 $
Our first, official release from this Polish noise duo. This special CD contains six, ultra-rare tracks of harsh, atmospheric noise that almost makes you feel like they're right in the room with you creating it. Interesting usages of power electronics and objects abound. All of the material featured on this album has been out of print for years, originally released in extremely limited, 40-50 print CD-R runs in Russia. Artwork has an excellent, hacked-punk look to it with absolutely dreadful scenery. The swirling decay of dead fish and bodies on the front should give you an idea of what you're in for.
MAAAA - Sampo Distortion (CD)
[ 24919 Records ]
ltd. - 500 copy / 10 $
Maaaa produced a totally ruthless thing and in fact and by the sound. Mythical grinder Kalevala as a grand annihilator rises from the sea floor and grinds all of this ugly world of evil and progress. - Everything is falling apart, all in the house collapses and the here and now and then - once remarked to me a strange citizen. "Sampo Distortion" And she was right - "Sampo Distortion" comes to you. This a great noise in the right spirit of K2! And at the end of a good bus left us on board, but not gone - took off . Once again, convinced that Maaaa - a great group.
[ Force Majeure ] ltd. 500 copy / 12 $
Re-issue of the debut album of this French act in its original packaging and artwork. It contains twelve tracks ranging from Dark atmospheric to Power-electronics with many sampled-voices and some vocals, evolving like a soundtrack inspired by the Dalton TRUMBO’s film "Johnny got his gun" 1971. 66 minutes of cold, sick, abrasive electronics and processed objects. A deep and hard journey into pain. In digipack. Limited to 500 copies.
[ G13 Recordings ] 4 $
Harsh / Cut-up noise
MASKED DIODE - Chusu Shinshoku (CD-R)
[ Dotsmark ] ltd. 200 copy / 6 $
The Japanese industrial/Power electronics unit that started activity in 2005. They released "Dojin no shinkeisen" in 2005 and showed existence of their own to a listener. They released CDR from OPEN WOUND(UK) and L-WHITE(GER) afterwards."Chusu shinshoku" is their 4tracks CDR released in 2010 by [...]dotsmark(JPN). The nervous electronic noise that eliminated excessive decoration, A Japanese text full of irony and metaphor.The agitation that is hard core. Their style is Japanese original power-electronics/industrial from 00's. They call own style "Hardcore electronics".
[ Peripheral records ] ltd. - 250 copy / 12 $
Peripheral Records is proud to announce it's thirteenth release with, 'Maurizio Bianchi's - Aeternum Aevum' CD. Two long beautifully understated tracks, that show a more pastoral side to the great Italian master of Industrial. Slow whirling pieces of Ambience dedicated to the late Konrad Schnitzler. The CD is limited to 250 copies within a DigiPak. The sleeve is adnorned inside and out with Abstract paintings by Hayat Saidi.
MAURIZZIO BIANCHI + MAOR APPELBAUM - Environmental Meditations (CD)
Tophet Prophet ] ltd. - 800 copy / 10 $
This work provides profitable logicality to the futuristic aversions, subjecting the deprecared barins marketing to an elistist unpretentiousness". In case you didn't know. The music are six lengthy slabs of noise. Feedback crushes into each other, and is fed through a bunch of synthesizers and sound effects. At times things 'mellow' out just a little bit and goes into some ambient industrial area. It has that same unfocussed sound that is the trademark of Bianchi. It goes on and on, but it has something captivating.
MERZBOW & Z`EV - Spiral Right / Spiral Left (CD)
[ Cold Sping ] 10 $
In the planning (and many faxes, emails and discussions in person) for 20 years, finally this stunning collaborative release for Cold Spring from Japanese Noise king Merzbow and legendary elemental sound artist Z'EV is here. The tracks were created in London and Tokyo, with each artist remixing the other's original sounds. Two tracks weighing in at 22 minutes apiece! Dark Ambient Noise in a special textured card digisleeve.
MIND & FLESH - Martyr Generation (CD)
[ Force Majeure ] ltd. 500 copy / 12 $
Martyr Generation" is the first CD by the Oslo / Norway based musician Anders B. under the MIND & FLESH moniker. While initial recordings of his first industrial band, KATABOL PROSESS were done in summer 1996, Anders started up to compose alone under the name BABYFLESH around October 1998. Starting from that point, two full-length releases were recorded and produced: "Curiosity killed the Angel", CDr on Slaughter Prod. in November 2002 and "New wave of Cynicism", CD on Vendlus Records in February 2005. Sometime in 2010, Anders B. decided to change the name into MIND & FLESH as he lost any connection with what could refer to "BABYFLESH" as a name for a musical project. The nine tracks of "Martyr Generation" were recorded between 2005 and 2008. Among them two feature collaborations with other musicians. The music of MIND & FLESH is a mix of dark & heavy analogue electronics and pounding rhythms with processed vocals. His sound can be filled under the Death Industrial genre, without any doubt. Hypnotic and powerful at the same time.

MORTUOR - I`m Waiting For You... (CD)
[ Syzmic Records ] ltd. 250 copy / 8 $
The highly anticipated debut cd from MORTUOR is now available.. This project doesnt feature a large back catalog of releases, but yet has gained a massive amount of respect and interest in from those in the community. MORTUOR was inspired by the works of ATRAX MORGUE. Listening to this full length, you will no doubtily hear it.. And feel it.. This album is cold, dark, and minimal.. Combine all of these into one, your have MORTUOR.

MORVA - H.I.V. Paradise (CD-R)
[ Spatter ] ltd. - 90 copy / 5 $
Harsh Noise
MYRRMAN - PorNOsmagoria (CD-R)
[ Cold Graey ] ltd. - 57 copy / 4 $
This is a solo-project of ArnoldPR of Reutoff. The rhythm is essentially closer to Das Reut, with its apocalyptic harmony and striking-down samples. The music is easy, but you feel its extreme heaviness after digging it. The album goes straight to the deepest sides of consciousness to settle in there and turn everything upside down. The release presented as an oversized handmade digipack, limited edition.
NDE - Kampfbereit (CD)
[ Cold Spring ] 10 $
The legacy of misantrophy, a life of brutality, the aftermath. The second album from mysterious Belgian act NDE is finally here. Now a solitary enterprise, 'Kampfbereit' rings in a new era of isolation and desolation. Gone are the Martial elements from 'Krieg Blut Ehre Asche' and instead the listener is engulfed in claustrophobic Death Industrial turmoil. The music is the focus here. Use your imagination while listening to it.
NECROSTASI - Collaboration ("3 CD-R)
[ Claustrophilia ] ltd. - 25 copy / 3 $
Collaboration NASCITARI / MOLESTIA AURICULARUM / RUINE / NIGHTMARE CASTLE. Vast Static Deep Wall of noise created by the union of 4 walls. Not allowed to breath.
NOISECONCRETE - The Revolutions (CD-R)
[ G13 Recordings ] 4 $
Noise / Harsh noise
[ G13 Recordings ] 4 $
Ambient noise / Experimental
[ Operator Produkzion ] ltd - 67 copy / 3 $
Drone Noise Ambien
[ Perineum ] ltd. - 93 copy / 5 $
Minimal Glitch Noise
PBK/TELEPHERIQUE - Noise Ambient Connection (CD)
[ Monochrome Vision ] ltd. - 500 copy / 10 $
This particular album is the first ever collaboration between american soundartist Phillip B. Klingler and german band Telepherique, it represents yet another breakthrough in the search for a music that is comprehensively exploring 21st century ambient music, an essential listening experience which is absolutely unique for the whole genre history as well as for both artists.
PBK & ZANSTONES - Mantis Fog Desert (CD)
[ Monochrome Vision ] ltd. - 500 copy / 10 $
The new collaboration of PBK and Zan Hoffman (Zanstones) is the experiment in perfect interaction between noise music, ambient approach and electronic sound, with organic and sometimes even psychedelic output. For both artists, being active in the underground music scene for many years, this album is very distinct and peculiar showcase of their endless creative potential.
PCRV QUARTET - Basementality (CD-R)
[ Somnolent Shelter Records ] 5 $
Experimental Noise / Ambient
PER ASPERA - Nil Desperandum (CD)
[ The New Nihilism ] ltd. - 500 copy / 10 $
Per Aspera tends to render tragically compound heritage of the mankind, being constantly shaped by cultural, ethnic and religious or ideologic discrepancies. Definitely not your average dark–ambient buzz, this album stands out of the dull cliche. The sound may appeal to the admirers of T. Koner, Parca Pace, Nocturnal Emissions or Neubautens to name a few but still, expect no pattern follower. Complemented with special A5–sized glossy digipak designed by Ibsen studio, this CD is limited to 500 copies only.
[ Mu-hu-hu Records ] 3 $
Digital hardcore / breakcore, Harsh-noise/power-electronics.
[ Torga Amun ] ltd. - 45 copy / 4 $
Harsh Noise
[ Sick Arts Prods ] ltd. - 100 copy / 4 $
Harsh Noise
[ Sweet Solitude ] ltd. - 20 copy / 4 $
Harsh Noise Wall
[ Heart Shaped Box production ] ltd. - 20 copy / 5$
Harsh Noise Wall
SEKTOR 304 - Soul Cleansing (CD)
[ Malignant Records ] 12 $
Equipped with a frightening and impressive array of primitive instrumentation pulled from junkyards and scrap metal heaps, this Portuguese outfit has delivered an astounding formal debut – a heady mixture of truly old school industrial in the vein of Einsturzende Neubauten, Test Dept , and S.P.K , and the grinding, bass heavy dirge of vintage Swans and Godflesh . These are anthems to the past, but geared towards an apocalyptic and bleak future… a form of counter-culture using what is most evident in modern western society: the debris, the abandoned objects, the waste, the noise, and the interference. With a solid foundation of rusty, oil drenched percussion, Sektor 304 adds layer upon layer of squalling industrial clangor, hammering metallic noise, grimy atmospheres, heaving masses of haunted factory drones, and threatening tribal batter, with a strong and commanding vocal presence. The sound here is almost physical in nature – provocative, persistent, and demanding. No one is doing what Sektor 304 is doing right now. Anyone into TRUE industrial (and that includes not just the aformentioned old guard, but also things like Strom.ec , Militia, Negru Voda , and Knifeladder ) really should not miss out.In 6 panel digipak, mastered by Steel Hook Audio. 3 tracks posted on the Malignant myspace, so be sure to check them out if you want an idea of what Sektor brings to the table.
[ Steelkraft Manufactory ] ltd. - 100 copy / 5 $
Rhytm Noise / Darkly Melodic Synth / Minimal Electronics
SICKNESS - Mudlark (CD)
[ Self Abuse Records ] 10 $
This CD collects track from the Japan tour only "American Violence" split with Slogun, the personal and private "Scavenger Bag" - 3" Business card release (from the 2006 Japan tour), an unreleased live track from Germany, and two tracks from limited releases on the Iatrogenesis Records label. Comes with a 12 page booklet containing all the writings and pictures that came in the "Scavenger Bag" making this an in depth and personal look at the thoughts and ideas that made the music and "Mudlark". The evolution of harsh electronic purity and scumbag electronics at its finest. Recommended listening for the self loathing.
SKULL:AXIS - The Transparent Society (CD)
[ Peripheral Records ] ltd. - 350 copy / 8$
Peripheral Records and Death Continues Records proudly present: SKULL:AXIS The Transparent Society CD. Bleak, cold and paranoid Industrial from Peripheral Records label boss Jason B Bernard. 13 years have passed since the last release...
'Seen through a lens, observed, captured and processed. Surveillance as contemporary instrument of control or society under vigilance?' Surveillance is the monitoring of the behaviour, activities, or other changing information, usually of people for the purpose of influencing, managing, directing, or protecting. Surveillance is therefore an ambiguous practice, sometimes creating positive effects, at other times negative. It is sometimes done in a surreptitious manner. It most usually involves observation of individuals or groups by government organizations (though there are some exceptions, such as disease surveillance, which monitors the progress of a disease in a community without for that matter directly observing or monitoring individuals).
[ Self Abuse Records ] 10 $
Brain-frying frequencies manipulated with savage precision by Paolo Bandera, also known for his works as Sigillum S. Where others merely content themselves with always-in-the-red walls of noise, Sshe Retina Stimulants have mastered the capacity of building tension and delivering the way it matters.
STAALKRACHT - Means to an End (CD)
[ Peripheral records ] ltd. - 100 copy / 10 $
Peripheral Records is proud to announce it's fifth release with, Staalkracht's debut album - 'A Means to an End'. A deeply dark and unforgiving landscape of Death Industrial, melancholic Dark-Ambience and brooding Drones, with influences ranging from Brighter Death Now and Genocide Organ to Mz.412 and Archon Satani. The CD is limited to 100 copies.
"Staalkracht is the personal project of Jim Breedveld. He combines walls of white noise with elements of Death Industrial, Drone and Power Electronics, Staalkracht's music deals with such themes as depression, abuse, death and violence."
[ Syzmic Records ] ltd. - 300 copy / 10 $
This latest offshoot of the Black Goat family of black industrial artists really flattened me with this new disc of extreme death ambience. Stemcell Research Project comes to us from John Whetzel and Darea Plantin, who also play in several other bands that I'm a fan of such as Deathstench, Slaughtered Lamb, Welter In Thy Blood and Pro-Death (which is more or less the entire Black Goat roster, now that I'm looking at it). The album is made up of five long tracks of pitch-black ambience, laying a foundation of stark, monochrome driftscapes and submerged noisy textures upon which they proceed to unleash all manner of extremely distorted demonic vocals, glacial organ drones, thin layers of industrial corrosion, faint traces of dead choir voices, and murky orchestral murmurings, with some of the sounds apparently coming from recordings of actual autopsies taking place, according to the label. As you listen to Charnel Houses, you can see the thread leading from the desiccated corpse of SRP's blackened graveyard ambience back to classic death/black industrial (the sounds of Megaptera and MZ.412 especially seem to be part of SRP's genetic material), but this takes that sound into harsher realms, lacing the morbid atmosphere with grinding distorted loops and bass-heavy distorted synthesizer rumblings, mysterious clattering percussion, electronic pulses, and nauseating contact mic abuse that manages to evoke the sounds of moving dead flesh and dried corpsemeat. The vocals that sporadically show up over the course of the album tend towards extremely distorted, bestial screams and roars that would fit right in on an old black metal record, but they appear infrequently; occasionally, other stray voices appear over the monotonous drones and distressed electronics in the form of snippets of overheard conversation and vague dialogue. Minimal clanking industrial rhythms will appear from out of a cloud of billowing black smoke and ash while nightmarish whispered vocals and sustained, drawn-out violin-like tones drift lugubriously through the thick, choking darkness. And some of the grimy distorted synth sounds that creep up throughout the disc remind me of early 80's horror and sci-fi film soundtracks, which adds an interesting element to these decaying industrial soundscapes. Their blackened industrial ambience is hypnotic and unsettling, and has a similar clandestine feel as the recent T.O.M.B. material with the same sort of washed-out recording style; you can really this similarity on the final track "Blackened Skeletal Remains", a monstrous black maelstrom of swirling electronic debris and distorted noise and foul raspy black metal-style gargling overlaid with eerie distant guitar. I'm a big fan of death industrial, so Stemcell Research is right up my alley, but their version of death industrial is more droning and ambient than the Slaughter Prod. style sounds that I usually hear.
STRATVM TERROR - This Is My Own Hell (CD)
[ Existence Establishment ] ltd. - 1000 copy / 10 $
Welcoming the return of Peter Andersson (Raison D’etre, Necrophorous) and Tobias Larsson (Ocean Chief), Existence Establishment and Reverse Alignment present “This is My Own Hell” with over an hour’s worth of the darkest, bleakest industrial soundscapes these artists have delivered. Spanning minimalist dark ambience to doomed industrial passages Stratvm Terror portrays an absolutely hopeless atmosphere of pure desolation. With artwork featuring the paintings of Mia Makila, “This is My Own Hell” may just be your own pleasure. Limited to 1000 copies in 4 panel full color digipak. Available in Europe from Reverse Alignment and Existence Establishment for the rest of the world.
[ Crucial Blast ] 10 $
Appearing in the early 80's as an offshoot of the legendary UK power electronics band Whitehouse, Sutcliffe Jugend soon went to to become an equally confrontational and extreme purveyor of the early PE/industrial sound, producing some of the most abrasive and violent electronics albums ever with their early Come Organisation releases We Spit On Their Graves and Campaign . Since then, Sutcliffe Jugend has continued to pursue a unique sonic vision that combines transgressive subject matter and dark, cerebral musings on violence and sexual perversion with explorations into the use of brutal feedback and synthesizer damage. In the past decade, however, the band has delved into darker, more restrained (at least on a sonic level) sounds alongside their harsher work, and Blue Rabbit is the latest such offering, unfolding like a night-terror across the album's eight tracks. You won't find any of SJ's trademark power electronics sound here, nor the dark throbbing industrial of their recent album With Extreme Prejudice for Cold Spring Records; this is a darker, more unsettling experience, heavy with an atmosphere of doom and smoldering violence, as if Sutcliffe Jugend sought to channel the creaking dread of Nurse With Wound's Salt Marie Celeste through a series if blood-freezing psychosexual nightmares. The first song "Solace" begins with washes of black tidal drift and eerie creaking sounds, wheezing string-like drones, the scrape of bones against the rusted strings of a cello, brief flashes of piano, and strange low-frequency muttering, snatches of melody drift in and out of clarity, while a male voice murmurs just below the surface of this seasick soundscape. The vocals never break into the kind of high, manic screaming that you'd hear on previous SJ albums, instead appearing as a malevolent presence, a depraved narrator lurking in the dark corners of Blue Rabbit. The album creeps through ever more disturbing scenes, from the sparse electro-acoustic collage of percussive noises, asthmatic scraping strings and reedy feedback tones that make up "Seed", a collage of warbly electronic tones, the thump of an oil tank, evil whispers guiding the listener through these aural hallucinations, the track eventually resembling some nightmare free-improv session. Then there is "The Bad Mannered Prophet", an almost orchestral dark ambient epic unlike anything that I have ever heard from Sutcliffe Jugend, magisterial and haunting, a stirring dark melody and sounds of distant chanting looping repeatedly beneath a creaking, crashing oceanic soundscape. And the rest of the album drifts further through these realms of bad-dream ambience, strange somnambulant improv and the sounds of organ, murmuring voices, mewling cries, jazzy bass frozen into a glacial drip, minimalist drones that waver and fade against the darkness, the slow scrape of the bow across strings processed into buzzing, wasp-like tones, clouds of billowing melodious keyboard, the songs at times resembling the din of a house of clocks gone haywire, finally culminating in the frenzied depravity of "The Death Of Pornography".
For fans of the band that are primarily familiar with their harsher output on Come Org and Cold Spring, this is a revelation; a seething quasi-ambient nightmare that lingers with the listener, enhanced in it's creep factor by the unsettling paintings from Sutcliffe Jugend's Kevin Tomkins that make up the album art. Comes in a full-color digipack.
SUTCLIFFE JUGEND and JUNKO - Sans Palatine Uvula (CD)
[ 4iB Records ] ltd. - 500 copy / 10 $
Sans Palatine Uvula showcases the amalgamation of 2 pioneering artists of their respective genres: Power Electronics and Japanoise, both whom have made their presence significantly felt (through sight and sound) ever since the early 1980s in England and Japan. Sutcliffe Jugend and Junko (from ????/HIJOKAIDAN) are renowned artists in their own right, having been uniquely defined in the experimental noise scene as innovators of sound through their personal style of artistic expression that involves the churning of audio mayhem through guitars, electronics and vocals.
This album sees Sutcliffe Jugend taking a step beyond as they push the envelope of sound progression to greater heights. Junko‘s piercing screams and squeals serve as a canvas for Sutcliffe Jugend to work on and develop it further in their own innovative style. The results demonstrate a very unique reconstruction of the shriek queen’s original vocal outbursts, which see them being reworked and reinvented separately through manipulative treatments of cut-ups, distortions, samplings and introduction of other sonic elements.
This collaborative work between these two unique and respected artists of different genres from East and West encloses the listener with sonic chaos through its ten varied tracks. For some, it may seem like a difficult album to digest at the first listen. However, the tensions that have been separately produced from the harsh elements of voice and sound eventually subside as they resonate with each other, bringing forth a balanced unity of yin and yang.
[ Valgriind ] ltd. - 50 copy / 4 $
Noise / Ambient
TEATRO GROTESCO – Kroni’s Empire (CD-R)
[ New Approach Records ] ltd. - 500 copy / 5$
Theatro Grotesco is a multimedia project, with music as its main focus. The band started in 2009 as a counterpart of The Joy of Nature. The band released already three other albums. Kroni’s Empire is released at the Portuguese label New Approach Records. The music has it?s roots in the industrial music from the seventies and eighties. The musicians combine industrial beats on metal and drums, with distorted guitar, loops of voices, samples of a choir and abstract ambient sounds. The atmospheres of the tracks are different, but always based on a dark ambient ground with a ritual concept. The albums starts with music like Middle Age classic melodies and instruments. Some tracks are like post-rock bands, with pulsing guitar riffs and ongoing drums. Anyhow – Teatro Grotesco leads you to different musical atmospheres and they play these different styles well. The artwork is also well done. Minimal photographs fits well to the soft and dark atmosphere of the album. Teatro Grotesco knows the classics of industrial music and they know how to play in another fresh way. Great album! (JKH)
TEXTURED BIRD TRANSMISSION - Purple Weighted Pellets Of Deaspair (CD-R)
[ Dead Sea Liner ] 4 $
The One True Dead Angel webzine "The album is one long piece that unfolds over nearly thirty minutes, like a series of icebreakers crawling slowly through deeper and thicker slabs of ice as they creep up on the mother of all glaciers. I don't know what it is they're doing or how they're getting their "motive power" (I'm guessing lots of powerful drugs, but I'll freely admit that is purely conjecture), but whatever it is, they're doing it right and we need more of it. I'll bet when they send off the flies that have been swatted, this is the music they play at the funerals."
[ Zhelezobeton ] ltd. - 300 copy / 10 $
"Drop-out Center" is the anniversary album of The Infant Cycle project celebrating 20 years of the personal creative journey of the Canadian musician Jim DeJong which began in November 1992 after leaving the band Mind Skelp-cher. During this time Jim has recorded and released a massive amount of material both on his own label The Ceiling and on other respectable underground labels such as EE Tapes, Drone Records, Afe Records, etc. and this is his second full-length album on CD after "The Sand Rays" (Diophantine Discs, 2009). The album includes nine abstract compositions recorded with Jim's trademark approach. Using such sound sources as shortwave radio, vinyl surface, videotape, bird cage and also more "normal" instruments (bass guitar, electric mandolin, Korg Poly-800 synthesizer) he creates slowly drifting multilayered textures with sometimes unexpected stops and narration twists. Sharp crispy foreground sound is set off by gentle background waves of resonating feedbacks forming intelligent electroacoustic glitch / drone with scratchy tangibility, meditativeness and even a sort of romanticism. This is music that evokes imagination and easily paints images in the listener's mind... "Turn on!"
[ Zhelezobeton ] ltd. - 250 copy / 8 $
The Infant Cycle is a project of the Canadian artist Jim DeJong working under this name since 1994. It may seem surprising, but all these 13 years he remained in the underground of experimental music, and his name is well-known only to inveterate enthusiasts and explorers of this strange phenomenon. The project has put out 6 full-length albums on cassettes and CD-Rs, several singles and an amazing series of minions called "Clear Shape" released in ultra-limited editions on transparent vinyls of unusual forms (square, hexagon and triangle). Jim has also recorded a lot of collaboration works with such musicians as Big City Orchestra, Dronaement, Orphx, Aidan Baker, Delphium, etc., some of them were published by his own label The Ceiling.
The Infant Cycle's music has never been notable for tensity or ornateness, instead of this it focuses on the subtle aspects of sounding of separate timbres and their combinations. Such textural orientation allows to create a completely peculiar effect, and the seeming minimalism carries into the contemplation of the infinity of possible microsound combinations. In this connection, Jim knows how to get on with both rhythms and drone ambient prostration. Among his favourite instruments are Poly-800, shortwaves, feedback, field recordings and altered vinyl records. Vinyls deserve special mentioning. Jim carved the runout grooves of records and thus created simple and unembellished (yet in some ways, unpredictable) rhythm patterns. Once he decided to start a project severely limiting the sound sources to one carved playout and the operational sounds of his old 4-speed Califone record player. Additional noises were generated by running a razor blade along the platter while it was spinning (the blade at different altitudes, and the platter at different speeds which was picked up by the needle), and the tone arm being vibrated into different tones by a violin bow (amplified via the needle). An early track (called, fittingly "Playout (Early)") appeared on "Lagrimas De Miedo N°8 - Sund", a compilation CD coming with the eighth issue of France's "Fear Drop" magazine (2001). Two excerpts were also released as a free promotional 5" by The Ceiling to announce the then-upcoming CD release of "Playout" on the American label Merchants Of Sound. But the label soon folded out, and the recording was lying and lying in the bins of The Infant Cycle's archive. And now we are infinitely glad to have an opportunity to present this work to your attention!
[ Cipher Production ] ltd. 500 copy / 10$
Apparently the result of an extended period of serious mental unrest, the sound on “Wretch” is for the most part distant and murky. The well constructed and well executed tracks sound like an interesting mix of Power Electronics and Dark Ambient with occasional hints of CMI style Darkwave and post-Industrial (track one, “The Warm Body Complex”, could be an MZ 412 out-take). The deliberately muddied sound isn't so much lo-fi retro as a restraining force on the otherwise harshness which gives a sense of claustrophobia and a feeling of being trapped. It's an important part of the whole album. Low lying synth patches, bursts of carefully tailored static, crackling and crunching, vicious distorted vocals, metal scraping and plenty of feedback – all through a layer of grime. Knowing this, it's important to keep in mind that there are serious differences between the tracks, thanks to their meticulous composition that gives the album a genuine diversity and drama. What happens, then, is the aggression becomes thoughtful, and the album becomes more considered and more demanding of concious listening. It's mainly PE but far removed from the usual cliches and attempts, the most typically furious track being the last, “Power”, an aptly titled rising from the ruins that itself ends with similar crackling that the album begins with. This is a considered and worthy work that may even help point the way to new attempts for the future of the genre.
THEOLOGIAN - The Further I Get From Your Star, The Less Light I Feel On My Face (CD)
[ Crucial Blast ] 10 $
The Further I Get From Your Star, The Less Light I Feel On My Face is the latest chapter from New York power electronics/synth-death demon Leech. This is the first full-length, widely available release from Leech's new incarnation as Theologian, which picks up where he left off with his long-running project Navicon Torture Technologies. Over the past decade, Navicon Torture Technologies blurred the edges of power electronics and dark industrial on albums like The Church Of Dead Girls (2002, Malignant), VTERVS (2008, NCC) and The Gospels Of The Gash (2009, Malignant) before ceasing operations in 2009. Now reconstituted as Theologian, Leech again explores the further realms of experience with a new form of blackened synth dread that combines many of the sounds that made up NTT's crushing electronic attack (Swedish death industrial, classic power electronics, harsh noise, powernoise) with a new level of heaviness and droneological power.
Following a series of small-run collaborations (with Wilt, Steve Moore, and The Vomit Arsonist) that were released on Leech's own label Annihilvs, Theologian delivers it's first full-length album, a seven-track descent into roaring, cosmic drone and howling black hole electronics, colossal industrial soundscapes and grim low-end heaviness. The opening track "Zero" sounds like early space music (Schulze, Tangerine Dream, etc) being blasted through massive bass-heavy sound system directly into the Void; its followed by the sprawling twenty-four minute "In Times of Need, We All Go Against Our Natures", which starts with distant twilight factory rumblings and murky motorized reverberations, then slowly reveals a bleak, shadowy realm of grimy minor-key synths slowly drifting underneath the industrial buzz and hum, both mysterious, and immensely grim. After a few minutes, eerie choral voicings begin to appear, and the sound continues to slowly develop into a vast expanse of lush isolationist ambience, a simple three-note melody repeating over and over deep beneath the peals of muted electronic tones, distant grinding, hushed whispering, and oncoming waves of black feedback, becoming darker and more menacing as it goes on. Then a male voice appears off in the background, awash in delay, forming these haunting multi-part harmonies that drift beneath the smoldering electronic noise; after a while, it almost sounds like something from Sigur Ros slowly falling into Stygian blackness, the singing becoming warped and fractured as the swirling black synths corrode and decay into a buzzing, churning field of irradiated drone, getting heavier, more distorted, until the final eight minutes finally form into a wash of blackened doom-drone heaviness surrounded with icy synth pulses, eerie choral voices, grinding industrial dread, and fearsome distorted screams, a sort of pitch-black power electronics dirge...
That epic track may be the album's heaviest moment, but the rest of Your Star is just as bleak and lightless. Another massive slab of murky, molten ambience unfolds with "Unfamiliar Skies", where sheets of glacial string-like drones swirl beneath blown-out synthesizer rumble, and a simple rhythmic throb pulses at the black rotting center, surrounded by clouds of crackling static, and gradually becoming streaked with oscillating sine waves and heavy gusts of black distortion. The title track is blighted isolationist drone shattered by the burning descent of black stars falling from the skies, underscored by a gorgeous, wavering blissed-out drone; halfway through, it shifts gears into hallucinatory, dark wave-infected power electronics with ultra-distorted demonic/robotic vocals and super dense walls of deteriorating drone and sepulchral synthesizer. The remaining tracks move through roaring melodic drift, wailing distorted vocals, and seriously acerbic distortion that combine into mantras of narcotized power electronics, throbbing black machine pulsations, chthonic ambience laced with metallic ringing, eerie sublimated melodies and deep low-end bone-rattling churn, at times sounding really soundtrack-esque, even resembling a more apocalyptic, deformed take on John Carpenter's film score work at times. The hidden final track "The Fragility Of The Male Ego..." finishes the album with a crushing industrial dirge sculpted out of droning feedback and overdriven distortion, as caustic as anything that's come before, with a very subtle dark wave quality lurking beneath the scorched electronics that makes this sound somewhat like hearing a Projekt Records track being remixed by a Japanese noise extremist.
Like Navicon, Theologian combines several different disciplines of industrial into a signature sound, a doom-laden hybrid of death industrial and power electronics and black ambience that's spliced with a constant melodic presence; the music is harsh, often hellish, but accentuated by an icy, desolate beauty that gives The Further I Get From Your Star, The Less Light I Feel On My Face it’s unique, abyssal vibe.

TOME / SEVEN MORGUES - Deep In Marble (CD-R)
[House Of The Last Lights] 5 $
Debut appearance for TOME - Ritualistic Vocal Drones, with Seven Morgues - epileptic, ritualistic wave of despair.
ULTRAPOLYARNOE VTORZHENIE / RYR - Supreme Penatly of Decreation (CD)
[ Valgriind ] ltd. 500 copy / 8 $
Martial \ Ritual Noise \ Ambient. "This is not a usual split-album. This disc is a kind of report material and a transitional moment. It contains both old compositions, previously released on compilations and albums in their original variants or in those versions waiting for their hour in projects' archives, and also completely new material. 14 mantric hymns directed to the nameless and speechless Gods dwelling out of limits of atomic lattices, 14 steps to the pedestal with a cup full of burning wild foreign flames lit by ancient Titans from the rays of the Black Sun. A travelogue and a map of a pilgrimage to the borders of the conditioned and finite world."
V/A - 2008 MANIAKS - A Gore A Gogo Gospel (Tribute to the Gorefather) (CD-R)
[ Bone Structure ] ltd. - 50 copy / 4 $
Complation with: Chapelle Nitrique, Ouzo]]], Catacombs Of Doom, Kristus Kut, Toby Dammit, Wach, MDCCXCIII, Dead.Circuit, Swarms, Nix`s Eyes, Bleburg feat. Rhesus Factor, Phagocytozis, Jason Evil feat. temple Of Crowns.
V/A - Eleven Notes In Black (CD)
[ Mask Of The Slave ] ltd. - 500 copy / 10 $
The first noise compilation focusing exclusively to the legendary Houston noise scene! All tracks compiled by Richard Ramirez, all tracks were done exclusively for this release. The 11 artist: Melanie Riehle, S.P.I.T., Loudspeaker, T.E.F., Last Rape, Concrete Violin, Forced Orgasm, Werewolf Jerusalem, Baptist Skin Communiti, In the land of Archers & White Nurse Black Death.
V/A - Eros (CD-R)
[ Spermodeath records ] ltd. - 150 copy / 5 $
Anthology of life and sexual beginning eyes projects from Latvia and Russia. Immutable creator of being, in the mouth of love lays down the law of procreation. Bottomless bowl of earth intoxicating wine tenderness and cosmogonic creation - the fingers of Chaos, the shelter of Gaea and the depth of Tartarus. Featuring: Vladymir Epiphantsev, Fanum, Vitaly Lalia, 581C, Ialdabaoth, Invisible Hand, Hypnoz, Incorporeal Consciousness, Apatijas Process, Strawberry Milkshake Inc.,North Cemetery, Applecore, Zahnrad, Ierophania.
V/A - Hard Panning (CD)
[ Triangle rec., Somnolent Shelter rec. ] 8$
Cut-up harshoise with Facialmess, Jake Vida, T.E.F, Kazumoto Endo, Kazuma Kubota, Jaakko Vanhala, Maaaa, PURGIST, Deafault, Ahlzagailzehguh, Developer, Mantichora, Encephalophonic, K2, Lettera 22.
V/A - Hate Tasting (CD)
[ Sickcore ] ltd. - 300 copy /
Power electronics / harsh noise compilation with
V/A - Red Syndrome. Act 1 (CD)
[ Midnight production ] ltd. - 444 copy / 10 $
Compilation From Chinese Martial, Industrial, Dark Ambient, Power Electronics, Nose. This compilation bases the theme on the Chinese Proletarian Cultural Revolution, commemorating and retrospecting the 10 years of turbulence, misery and inhumanity in the darkness. Featuring: UNEQUAL TREATY, HATRED IN EYES, MABONONNA, MADNESS & CIVILIZATION, TORTURING NURSE, REQUIEM OF CHAOS, SHUQI, BADGE OF BLOOD, GOOD FOR NOTHING, CLAUSTRAPHOBIA, MOST OF THE TACITURN, SONG OVER RUIN, ZHURONG.
V/A - Stahlerne Lichter (CD)
[ Licht Und Stahl ] ltd. - 300 copy / 10 $
V/A - Valgriind Compilation "Foliage Of Glasir" (CD)
[ Valgriind ] ltd. 500 copy / 8 $
Martial / Neofolk / Power Electronics / Ambient compilation with: Corvuz, Bolverkstorm, Dasein, Orchid, Norma Reaktsii\Transistirwald\ SvaBattalion, Parchim, Yav`,YAO 91404 D, Transistorwald, Uruk-Hai, Shepot Run, Astarium, Lebenssesenz, Temnojar.
V/A - With Eyes Wide Open For A Brighter Future... (CD)
[ House Of The Last Lights ] ltd. - 500 copy / 8 $
VERDANT - Sincerity (CD)
[ Existence Establishment ] ltd. - 200 copy / 10 $
Verdant is Zach Adams who is also the man behind BKPR the esoteric and obtuse harsh noise project of relative obscurity. With this new work Adams presents a new dimension to noise in the form of quiet power electronics. The work of Verdant focuses on spoken word, secret promises, dusty corners, delicate instruments, and obsolete equipment. In the span of a few tracks Verdant’s sound can range from a seething attack of brooding noise and industrial to carefully constructed soundscapes that have been packed away in the attic of an old victorian where even the walls whisper of the things they’ve seen. Sincerity opens up a complex inner world of lost loves, silent betrayals, hidden jealousies, and blind grief forcing the listener to stumble in the darkness of a familiar place. The album is limited to 200 copies in a full-color 4 panel digipak.
Church Of Freedom ] ltd. - 50 copy / 6 $
HNW / Harsh Noise
[ R.O.N.F. records
] 5 $
Collaboration work between these Spanish and Russian acts which are constructing together 7 noisy tracks dealing with Industrial, Power Electronics and Ambient styles. Intense and overwhelming richness of textures, with tension growing through multiple layers of analog sounds and noises.
WSER - Dead Rabbit (CD-R)
[ Noise Park Activities ] ltd. - 44 copy / 5 $
Drone / Ambient
YAO 91404 D - Pervomay (CD-R)
[ Valgriind ] 5 $
One of the best albums from St. Petersburg. Walls of three-dimensional noise constructions and documental recordings from the beginning of the XX century. Scratching of the gramophone needle on the breath of the agonizing country. [label info] Cover made from roofing material + postcard.
[ Existence Establishment ] ltd. - 500 copy / 12 $
Might is Blight is a massive conceptual work that deals with a range of subjects from the socio-political to the personal and philosophical, focusing on my attempt to deal with this fucked up world. The album features 6 new obsessively composed tracks spanning over 70 minutes in length and explores the depths of death industrial, neo-classical, ambient, musique concrete, and power electronics. Over 70 minutes of sound on pro-pressed CD. 6 panel full-color artwork printed on heavy stock.
Z`EV - Sum Things (CD)
[ Cold Spring ] 10 $
Through an element darkly… In the fall of 2005 Z’EV began dipping deep into his archives and selecting recordings to produce ‘sum things / a possible form for cold dark matter’, a project reflecting his take on the ‘dark ambience’ genre. Composed between December 2005 and March 2006, these 6 pieces endeavor to transport the listener deep into their long forgotten memories of the primal forces at the dawn of creation. Each piece is based on a single sound source. Absolutely no effects of any kind, not even equalization, were applied to the source recordings. Instead Z’EV relied solely on the stretching of the duration and pitch of the samples and then edited and mixed the results down into the heart of space. Hear then, the state of the art in elemental musics. Not to forget the beautiful packaging by artist Abby Helasdottir.
ZINC ROOM - In wooden Room (CD)
[ Evil Dead Production ] 10 $
Fifth album of the Siberian project Zinc Room shows further development from the realm of deadening distorted industrial noise to the depths of dark ambient and death industrial, continuing the line started on its previous work "Shifting Soil". The author utilizes wider pallette of acoustic elements: voice, mouth harp and sounds of soil, branches, stones and glass, which brings more ritual atmosphere to the album, still sometimes he plunges everything into the electrolysis bath with already known trademark dense cocktail of metal percussion and roaring bass guitar. The album features several special guests: Vitaly Maklakov (Kromeshna, Obozdur, Light Collapse, etc.), Kein (Carved Image Of Emptiness, Scratching Soil, Prognostic Zero) and Isawald (Transistorwald, Tmavy Kruh, Esche).